AWD (All Wheel Drive)

Basically AWD (all wheel drive) will send power to the Front Wheels and when it detects slipping, as an example, it instantaneously sends some power to the rear wheels, with no action from the Driver. This is good for snow or icy roads and limited light off road use.

The 2 most common AWD systems are:
. Full-time AWD which sends power to the front and rear wheels all of the time.
. Part-time AWD which sends power to the front wheels and when slipping or icy conditions are detected, it sends some power to the rear wheels.

4WD (Four Wheel Drive)
4WD (four wheel drive) is mostly found in truck-based platforms and sends power to all 4 wheels all of the time, unless you have part-time 4WD wherein you can select between the rear wheels having power (2WD) and all 4 wheels having power.
These 4WD systems are for serious off roading, on rough terrain or loose gravel or deep snow.
With Part-time 4WD, however, you should mainly use the 2WD on the Highway. With Full Time 4WD you drive it is in 4WD all of the time.
Choose your vehicle with the right system for your needs.