If you are interested in buying a new work van for your business, you may ask yourself, should I buy a pickup truck or cargo van? The easy answer is, whatever works best for you as it depends on the type of work you do. But to make your decision easier we have given you the best and unbiased comparison of both vehicles and recommended in which circumstances you should choose one over the other.

Advantages of a pickup truck

  • Cost-effective 4 x 4 and better on gas mileage. Most trucks, especially midsize models achieve better fuel economy than enclosed cargo vans
  • More passenger capacity, 5-6 passengers in Crew Cab Versions
  • More cabin area luxuries and space
  • Towing capacity is around 2 to 3 times more than cargo vans
  • Better driver visibility
  • Convenient to load and unload items from an open pickup bed than to grab cargo from the inside of an enclosed cargo van

Disadvantages of a pickup track

  • Lacking covered and secured cargo Area. Pickup trucks can add a canopy that often limits the cargo space and, not 100% waterproof.

Advantages of a Cargo Van

  • The covered cargo area is a significant advantage over the pickup trucks from theft protection keeps its load safe from bad weather.
  • Designed for efficiency and easy to entry in a busy work environment. It can enter through a sliding door partition or the back or side doors. Also, a lower and safer entry than climbing up the back of a pickup truck
  • Ability to customize the interior and exterior of the van such as shelves or ladders that can help to stay organized from job site to job site.
  • Provide advertising space. Adding a graphic wrap to your cargo van can transform it into a travelling billboard.

Disadvantages of a Cargo van

  • Passenger capacity is limited
  • Limited Driver Visibility

To whom would we recommend a Pickup Truck?

  • The pickup truck is ideal for businesses that need to carry several passengers or workers to job sites.
  • Pickup trucks with 4×4 option are perfect for job sites located in the rural or off-road areas.
  • A business that needs to attend work throughout the year in extreme weather conditions, such as telecommunications,
  • If Towing is an essential requirement in your company, such as tow trailers for more capacity.

To whom would we recommend a Cargo Van?

  • If you carry a lot of valuable tools and equipment, it’s imperative that you keep them secure from theft and safe from the weather.
  • A cargo van is ideal if your work is in urban or downtown areas
  • Most work in common trades such as ElectriciansPlumbersHVAC Technicians, and Couriers prefer cargo vans.

The final decision on whether a pickup truck or cargo van is best for you is dependent on what your requirements are. You can consult our experienced and knowledgeable Account Managers to get additional information to assist in your decision. Surgenor National Leasing is specialized in Commercial Vehicle Leasing and serving customers in Ottawa-Gatineau area from 1971. Call us on 613-746-9616 or visit